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Corby AC needs qualified officials for open and league meetings at our stadium, and for some competitions at other venues.  Without officials we can’t run our events and we urgently need to expand the number of qualified officials at the club.

Would you be willing to volunteer to become a Level 1 official?  It means doing an England Athletics course involving one health and safety/generic module and then one further module such as track, field, timekeeping, endurance, starter and marksmen.  Corby AC particularly needs field and timekeeping officials.  Typically the course is for one day with one module in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  Alternatively, people can do the two modules on separate days if more convenient.  

Following this, there is a requirement to gain practical experience working at four to six athletics meetings (dependent on discipline)  under an experienced official which must be recorded and submitted.  A DBS check is then completed using the details requested at registration.  A Level 1 officials licence will then be issued to you by England Athletics.  Further levels of qualification are available.

Corby AC pays for the cost of the course on the understanding that you fulfil the experience requirement at Corby athletics meetings and plan to use your qualification to act as an official for the club when possible.  The course is open to people aged 14 onwards but licences are only issued to 16 year olds and over.  Please use the first link for more information and the second to find the dates of future courses in the East Midlands. 


Becoming a licensed Official


England Athletics Coaching and Officials courses


We would be very pleased to hear from you if you are interested.  Please email Joanna Cadman-Joyce, our volunteer manager, on or talk to Joanna on training nights, thank you!


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